Muharska vrvica | žnora Hanak Superlight SLT Fly Line #0-3

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Muharska vrvica | žnora Hanak Superlight SLT Fly Line #0-3

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Hanak Superlight SLT Fly Line


Hanak Czech Nymph Lines are the result of several years intensive research, testing and development assisted by leading members of the Czech team which has dominated the World Fly Fishing Championship for the past decade.


  • Level Taper design for delicate fly presentation
  • Low stretch braided core and cold water coating for extra suppleness also in cold conditions
  • Super slick and high floating surface
  • without loops


Lines: universal Superslick floating level


Line characteristic hoch schwimmende Schnur // Schnurklasse: universal # 0-3
Line Length 24,4 m
Line Color light olive
Manufacturer HANAK



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