Hlačni škornji SIMMS G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone waders

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Hlačni škornji SIMMS G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone waders

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The angler evolution has been distilled to three simple steps: Catch a fish. Catch many fish. Catch the fish. Wise words, but limiting. In reality you define your fishing quest. And wherever it leads, G4Zs are built for the pinnacle with new 5-layer GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL fabric that bolsters durability and enhances breathability by 25 percent.

Powered by the most feature-rich mix on the market, G4Zs include YKK® waterproof center-front zipper for easy access/optimal ventilation, plush handwarmer pockets to toast frozen digits fast, and everything you need for an evolved wader that goes way beyond the basic.


  • New 5-layer GORE -TEX® fabric - only featured in the G4Z & G4 Pro Waders - found in the seat, waist & throughout leg with 25% more breathability
  • Extended YKK® Aquaseal waterproof center-front zipper in the G4Z allows easy access for quick relief & additional ventilation; the center-front zip also allows for easy on/easy off
  • Most feature-rich wader in the Simms line: 
  • Large zippered chest pockets
  • Comfortable lined hand warmer pockets provide room for heater packs, offer quick/easy hand warm-up & convenient hand placement
  • Built-in low profile belt loops with high-quality 2” elastic belt featuring Simms Trout buckle
  • 2 Retractor docking stations; G4Z includes 1 Simms Retractor 
  • Included Super-fly Patch
  • Adjustable stretch spacer mesh/elastic suspenders provide the most advanced & comfortable suspender system available
  • Built-in Gravel Guards feature ultra abrasion-resistant material for added durability
  • Updated styling details set this wader apart from all others


3-layer & 5-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Technology




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Velikosti, ki so na voljo + cene:


10328-033-20 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone S          
10328-033-30 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone M        
10328-033-36 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone MS          
10328-033-37 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone MK          
10328-033-38 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone ML          
10328-033-40 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone L          
10328-033-46 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone LS          
10328-033-47 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone LK          
10328-033-48 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone LL       
10328-033-50 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone XL          
10328-033-56 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone XLS          
10328-033-60 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone XXL         
10328-033-66 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone XXLS    
10328-033-67 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone XXLK          
10328-033-70 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone 3XL     
10328-033-76 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone 3XLS       
10328-033-80 G4Z Stockingfoot Greystone 4XL     


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> več informacij: http://flyfisheurope.com/simms/waders/g4z-waders/d308




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